So what is a behavior analyst?

What does this mean? And especially what does it contributes to you and your need of consultation or guidance, advice and support in family matters and parent-child relationships that are so disturbing?

Actually, the question is who is the most suitable person for you to contact when a problem regarding parent-child relations arises:

When children - small and grownup - adopt poor habits and behavior patterns such as defiance, show lack of communication, impudence, violence, or there is a need of weaning from using a pacifier, imparting them the habit of continuous sleep in their bed, treating their fears, handling their pampering and so on.

When you do not know how to deal with your kids, stand up for yourself, set limits and yet keep your family warm, loving and respectful at the same time.

The answer is: just like when dealing with a medical problem, you will probably seek an expert, one that has experience and comprehensive knowledge - one that will know to accurately identify the source and cause of the problem, will have the knowledge to give the solution, the answer, and wise guidance. And not less important, one that will continue to accompany, support and advise you and will make sure you are going in the right direction and apply the tools given to you.

Hello there,
Nice to meet you, my name is Hila Adany. I'm sure you have understood from the information so far the academic degrees and the area of specialty, although only a few really understand the meaning of it all. And there's no wonder. In Israel there aren't many certified behavior analysts and most of them deal with problems regarding autism. That is, there are even less certified behavior analysts who specialize in parent-child relations and family matters.
If you came here, to my website, you probably reached the right address to solve the problem.

What does it require to become a behavior analyst and a senior parent's consultant?
First and foremost in order to study this field one has to gain an academic degree. When I started my internship I had a teaching certificate for infants and school (I studied in Florida) and a BA and MA in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences - Graduate of UNLV - Las Vegas University. The study of behavior analysis I chose to do in the United States where the subject is familiar and especially developed and deepened. In addition I learned here in Israel, at Professor Amos Rolider's center of parental counseling and guidance.

Having gained all this study, knowledge and experience I'm here at your service to help you resolve problems regarding parent - children relationships, change habits and behavior patterns that children, of any age, adopt to themselves, and help your family become once again a loving, embracing, supporting, encouraging nest - a warm home that everyone are happy to live in.

Well ... I already know what's going on in your mind now?

"Sure, one that had studied so much, invested so much time, money and effort, and is one of only few professionals in the country - this will cost me a lot of money." Well, here also I have a nice surprise for you. This is absolutely not the case. Do you wish to know how much a treatment cost? I suggest you call me and first tell me what the problem is. I will be able to give you some important tips and also end your worries regarding the cost.

Hila Adany
Behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
For additional information please contact me

This phone meeting is free of charge, it does not involve any commitment on your part, and it can certainly be the key to make your home a peaceful, understanding, sharing and loving home.

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