How can I help you solve the distress regarding parent - child relationships and family function?

I assume you did not yet receive a behavior analyst consultation. If so this is the time and place to explain how we will work together. For your convenience there are two primary treatment formats of meeting and counseling:

1. The way most convenient for you - a personal meeting with me at my office or at your home.
During a preliminary phone conversation we will decide together which place will be most suitable for our meeting

2. To make things easier for you - face to face meeting via Skype.
In cases where there is a problem due to different schedules or geographic distance

And since family frictions in general and between parents and children especially, do not disappear but only get worse over time, I suggest to call me now and tell me what the problem is. A little tip, a simple guidance, a good advice, and in general the readiness of an expert to hear can bring "temporary appeasement" or "cease-fire" unti l we meet. The phone conversation is free of charge, it does not involve any commitment on your side, and is certainly the key to bring peace and tranquility, understanding, sharing and love to your home.

So how does it work?
We will begin with a personal acquaintance and gathering information - - In our first meeting I interview, ask questions and gather as much details as I can to get a complete and comprehensive picture of the family members' behavior. I will also give you to fill out questionnaires that include background questions, and ask you to describe and reflect the situations you deal with as well as your thoughts and feelings.

Then we will formulate solutions and how to implement them - After gathering all the data and analyzing them I construct an action plan specifically tailored to your needs and those of your children in order to bring you back to a path of positive communication, discipline, authority or imparting desirable habits. The duration of the session is one hour to an hour and a half and at the end you will be equipped with important tools to help you:

Design and maintain proper family conduct for a wide range of situations and at any stage of the program.

Learn and understand how to make minimum mistakes (there is no such thing as raising children without making mistakes).

To make the right choices and react correctly when dealing with challenging situations that your children may put you in.

What happens after the meetings and laying down the solutions?
Do not worry, I'm here, available by phone, email - however convenient for you - and I continue to walk you through the process, answer questions, support and encourage you to persist and follow the plan I constructed for you. It is important to understand, the behavior analysis and advice given are not a "quick fix".

This is a process that involves change, and changing patterns of behavior or rules of home and family conduct take time to penetrate and become custom. Therefore during our meeting I implement:

1. Coordinate expectations
2. Prepare the children regarding the expected changes
3. Teach you how to manage conflicts while preserving restraint and control
4. Provide you with tools that will help you maintain educational principles
5. Guide you as to when and how to support and encourage and how and when to prove and show determination.

And as I stated at the beginning, I suggest you to call me. Even in cases that are considered trivial, seemingly insignificant, things that can skip over or ignore. It is important that you know, these seemingly "trivial incidents" are not incidents, they are signals. The sooner you consult me and share with me the things that are bothering you the sooner your family will return to have a warm and loving home.

Hila Adany
Behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
For additional information please contact me

This phone meeting is free of charge, it does not involve any commitment on your part, and it can certainly be the key to make your home a peaceful, understanding, sharing and loving home.

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