Solving behavior problems in the family
and parent - child relationships This is my expertise

What actually made you look for a behavior analyst? Your young kids? Adolescents? The sense of lack of tools to deal with, educate, influence? Inability to set limits or maintain them?

Just before we consider the reason you came here I wish to provide you with a line of guiding action: whatever the reason may be, in most cases time does not heal the problem, it only worsens and radicalize them. However, the sooner you deal with a problem the solution is easier to implement and leaves less scars, if any. And so, for your own sake and for the sake of good relations between the family members I invite you to call me and tell me "what" is the problem. My specialty is the "how" - how to solve it:

Here are some of the most common cases that bring parents to call me with tears in their eyes and at the end of the process they return home with a big smile

Examples of children's behaviors

"Enough already with this "tit" - Weaning pacifier, bottle or thumb sucking

"There are no more dry bed sheets" - Withdrawal bedwetting problems and habits

"Mommy ... a monster wants to eat me" - Dealing with fears and anxieties.

"I don't want to take a shower" - Imparting good cleaning and personal hygiene habits

"I want a candy now" - Learning to overcome the urge for instant gratification and impart the ability to control urges and give-up.

"I don't feel like arranges the Lego" - Imparting responsible habits and performing simple tasks like cleaning and organization the room and the home.

"I don't want to I don't feel like ..." - Being spoiled, dominant or even giving instructions and orders to their parents.

Examples of adolescents' behaviors

"You can talk to him" - Impudence, temper outbursts and even youth violence

"He keeps bothering him …" - Fights, teasing, insults and conflicts between siblings

"100 Shekels are gone from my wallet" - Thefts, lies, and other disturbing signals

"She turned her back and locked herself in her room" - Lack of cooperation and communication.

"Have you notice he has no friends?" - Social problems at school that affect the home behavior

"Buy me iPhone 5, you hear? Now ... Oh ... Come on, Take me to the cell phone store at the mall!" - Tyranny, domination and loss of limits.

We yet to talk about only one factor, the parents..
As far as I'm concerned behavior analysis is for everyone. Each and every one in the family, both young and adult, has some part and contributes to the fabric of the relationship. Even parents. Therefore there is no such thing as a "small problem" or "big problem" … and there are no obvious solutions. Tell me about your problem. My specialty is to find the solutions and give you the tools to apply them in a confident, determined, consistent and focused manner on daily basis.

Hila Adany
Behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
For additional information please contact me

This phone meeting is free of charge, it does not involve any commitment on your part, and it can certainly be the key to make your home a peaceful, understanding, sharing and loving home.

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