Your child is not cooperating? The degree of their stubbornness, disobedience and arguments is beyond control? It even aggravates and they become insolent, violent and have temper tantrums?

Or is it a case of poor eating sleeping habits, a need to wean from diapers, pacifier, or is it a problem concerning fear, anxiety and feelings of loneliness?

Apparently many parent - children problems can be solved in a much faster and much easier way than you thought. Sometimes it can be done even over the phone!!!

It is true, when your child begins to be rude, lose discipline, cross the boundaries you set - the atmosphere at home becomes tense and stressful and it creates a feeling of battle. On one side your child - whether young or adolescent - on the other side you, the parents. The battle is over boundaries, authority, regarding who sets the rules and who needs to obey whom. It is natural, it happens to everyone, in every family and to any parent.

And here is the good news..
In many cases it turns out that the "conflict", or "problem" can be solved quickly and easily. I can even equip you - parents and children - with simple tools that are effective and easy to implement. These tools will help you maintain the correct family behavior and also leverage and enhance the relationship between the family members and make it much more supportive, understanding encouraging, loving and respectful.

All you have to do in order to change the situation and "fix" it is to call me,
Hila Adani, MA,
behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
We'll solve all problems using professor Amos Rolider's approach.
Counseling and Guiding parents.

For additional information contact me

This phone meeting is free of charge, it does not involve any commitment on your part, and it can certainly be the key to make your home a peaceful, understanding, sharing and loving home.

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