Hila gave us much more confidence in dealing with parenting issues. She's extremely knowledgeable and informative about specific problems that we have had with our daughter. Also, to learn that other parents were dealing with some of the exact same issues gave us an enormous amount of re-assurance. No matter how difficult or trivial the parenting issue; all parents could benefit from advice from Hila, a knowledgable, experienced professional

Tamar kats, Rannan'a

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Hila, The experience has been transformative; not just for my family, but for me personally. Hila has sweetly challenged my assumptions about my children and parenting and provided me with a different way of thinking-a new approach. I am now much more interested in being with my girls and developing a loving connection with them, as opposed to maintaining a traditional parent-child dynamic and forcing them to adhere to my unconscious notions of "appropriate" teenage behavior. The gift of Hila is conscious parenting and the ability to create a family that is loving, supportive and encouraging.

Thanks again,
Kelli V., Woodland Hills, CA

I personally love my sessions with you; I walk away feeling so reassured and so filled with love. Words simply cannot express my gratitude to you for all you do for us. You are incredibly supportive and comforting. The ideas you give me take the stresses out of parenting and help to smooth out the kinks. There is no right way to "parenting"; there is no one book that tells you how to do it, so having YOU at our finger tips is a priceless resource with endless benefits. I also love the very sweet things you said about my Lielle. It melts my heart to hear the little details that we take for granted. After we parted ways, I got a chance to see my lielle in action for a few minutes. Oh how I love being this little girls Momma.

Much Love,
Orit and Robert Rannan'a

We first contacted Hila out of desperation. We were really struggling dealing with our kids. We have a 15 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old and we just really weren't enjoying being parents anymore as our relationships with our kids was just not good. Through working with Hila she has really taught us how to understand our kid's behavior and how to respond to them effectively. So, through working with her we are now effectively communicating with our children. We're better able to handle them and just to understand them. Our relationship with our 15 year old has really improved and we seem to be developing a foundation for trusting one another, which was really an issue before. And, he's learning self-motivation and responsibility through this whole experience. I'm actually enjoying spending time with my kids again so for that, we thank you Hila.

Liat, Rachovot

"Hila Adany is a parent's dream! Both of my children tend to be on the quiet side and had a tough time with transitions. At the time Hila and I first met, my elder daughter was having a rough time adjusting to life with a new baby sister. Hila observed both of my girls countless times in the classroom and recommended strategies for more social interactions, discipline at home and sibling rivalry techniques. I think parenting is 50% intuitive, the other 50% a mixture of advice, luck and guesswork. Hila helps minimize the guesswork. Much as I, or any parent, want to believe we can smooth out all the issues that come up with our children, working with Hila has helped me recognize that it helps tremendously to have a professional watch and "think" about my child as an outside observer. Her strategies and careful analysis of a child's behavior form a solid foundation for her practice. What makes Hila even more unique, however, is her personal approach. Rather than simply outline what she thinks is going on with a child, Hila uses a problem-solving technique in approaching a child's behavioral issues. Hila has helped me become a better parent, and for that I am forever indebted.

Sarah bake
Las-Vegas, NV

We are so appreciative of everything that Hila did to help our five year old son, Dave, last year. Her patience, wisdom, and caring nature were so instrumental on aiding us in the decision whether to promote Jack to Kindergarten or to retain him in Pre-K. Hila had such a special way of listening and sharing her words of expertise with us as parents. We ended up sending Dave to Kindergarten after Hila observed him for few weeks in the classroom, and offering us advice. We don't know how we would have made this decision without all of her help. Anyone who truly needs some unbiased parenting advice should contact Hila cause it is for your family!"

Ilan and Orly
Las-vegas, NV

Hila Adany
Behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
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