You are not alone!!!

It is clear - we all share the arguments, disobedience and all other conflicts between family members. There are no homes in which it does not exist, there are no families and no parents that do not experience the need to face conflicts in family relations, set boundaries, deal with losing restraint or the need to change existing habits and teach new ones. And here is the good news:

Conflict management is an amazing way to turn a problem into an opportunity

"How do you deal with it?"
I do not know any mother that does not share her "problems" with friends, neighbors, mothers of other kids in the kindergarten, relatives or consults with the teachers and the school counselor. First of all this is an important means to relieve the heavy weight, and it must be comforting to know you are not alone. And more importantly - this is one way to collect information and learn how others cope. This is the reason I offer you here three channels that are much more efficient that contribute to manage a conflict and transform it from a problem into an opportunity. And as surprising as it may sound to you, you might even enjoy:

Home classes
Since you already share with those closest to you - neighbors, friends, family, parents in the kindergarten … Lets make it in a more organized and much more useful way … It always turns out to be a fun social gathering as well. Several couples (yes the father too … his presence is important to implement the guidelines) organize to meet at the home of one of you, and you all conduct a home class. There are enormous advantages:

1. Tools to cope - The tips and guidelines that I give can save you the need to get behavior analysis because there are many problems that seem big but actually are small and solvable.

2. Not everything is a problem - There are many cases where the parent-child relationships are normal and the information I shall give you will only improve the relationship, strengthen it and establish your position as "Head of the family".

3. Nothing is like being together - when several parents meet during a home class that is about parent - children relationships, an atmosphere of cooperation and together is created, a sense of "we all share the same boat" that only encourages and reinforces. Moreover, you will not hear anymore you child say: "but Yankele's parents let him", because I guided all of you the same.

4. It's not the end of the world - During many home classes problems emerge that are shared by everyone. It enables an objective point of view and the insight that you are doing alright, you are not alone, you are normal and hence, naturally, all thing come into the right perspective.

5. The bottom line - You conclude such a home class much more understanding, equipped with a box of tools for handling your children and also … paying much less for the new road ahead of you.

Lectures and Workshops
Almost all residential environments have communal activities that take place. Community centers, urban centers, culture clubs and so forth. These are the places where I give lectures and workshops. You can also take the initiative and use places such as schools or kindergartens to hold a series of lectures or workshops in a relaxed and supportive environment that is especially helpful and instructive.

You can order individual lectures, a series of lectures at different times or a 5-8 sessions workshop that include direct lectures, discussion with the audience and answering questions. The workshops and lectures will deal with issues such as:

1.Setting limits - setting limits for children, quarrels between brothers, over pampering and over protecting, a sense of belonging, and family atmosphere.

2. Parental authority - What is authority? Why has the traditional parental authority been undermined and what are the implications for the parents and the children? Is there an alternative to a new parental authority?

3. Thinking and boundaries - importance of boundaries and limits for the child, why children do not cooperate when we set them limits? Conceptual tools to deal with setting limits in the short term and long term.

4. Preparation for school, preparation for life - How can daily parental behavior affect the child's integration in frameworks such as school, and even military? Tools to cope with the challenges and difficulties that these frameworks shall bring.

Hila Adany
Behavior analyst and senior parents consultant.
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